New York, New York

… So good they named it twice, eh? There’s no time to think twice, that’s for sure! Hubby and I spent four days in NYC as part of our visit to the US this summer. Fastest-paced city I’ve ever been to, and that includes Cairo, which is mental.
So here it is: What Karen Did in New York City!

Day 1: Arrive at Penn Station, find way to hotel, dump bags. Head for Broadway and Times Square to book theatre tickets and restaurant for next day. Spend some time staring round Times Square, slightly mind-boggled that we’re actually here. Bookings made, we hop on Downtown Bus Tour. This takes about two hours due to mad volume of traffic. See lots of buildings and landmarks that we know from TV and films. Flatiron Building, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park. It’s a hot sunny day and I’m on an open-top bus having forgotten to put on sun cream. Oops! Luckily I don’t get too sunburned.
Get back to hotel, chuffed to discover we have room on top floor looking out at Empire State Building. Collapse for a bit, then have meal and drinks in nearby restaurant. Have a fairly quiet first night as we’re going to be busy for the next two.

Day 2: Get up early to beat queues at Empire State Building. Go to very top: 86th floor, then 102nd, the highest you can go. Sadly it starts to rain so we don’t get good views for very long, but an amazing experience. Spend rest of afternoon running in and out of shops and cafes to avoid the rain, then back to hotel to get properly dolled up for our night out. Fortunately it stops raining for journey to restaurant, which is…Sardi’s! Legendary Broadway grill, with caricatures all over the walls of stars that have eaten there. Meal is amazing, as is bottle of champagne we treat ourselves to. Today is our 15th Wedding Anniversary. 🙂 
We see The Phantom of the Opera for our Anniversary show. (See my ‘I’m a Broadway Baby…’ post). Afterwards, we take photos of Times Square all lit up, and hubby leaning on the 42nd Street signpost. 😉

Day 3: Get up early again to beat queues at Statue of Liberty boats. Sail to Liberty Island (Ellis Island still closed due to Hurricane Sandy). Didn’t realise you have to book 3 WEEKS IN ADVANCE to climb Lady Liberty so hubby a bit disappointed, as he likes going to the top of things. Get lots of great pics though.
Have a thoughtful afternoon at the World Trade Center Memorial. Beautiful, moving, inspiring. The waterfalls in the footprints of the old towers are wonderful. The new towers rising to the sky are defiant. Might do a separate post on this and how it made me feel, sometime.
Head back to hotel to shower and change, then off to Broadway again to see Nathan Lane in new play ‘The Nance’. Funny and heartbreaking at the same time. LOVE Nathan Lane.

Day 4: Last day. Good thing too, I’m knackered. It’s raining again – what the heck, New York? No problem though, as we’re going shopping. First stop: Apple iCube Store. Hubby treats himself to new iPod. Nearly half the price we would pay in UK. Result! Then, next door to FAO Schwarz toy store. We buy souvenirs for friends back home, but we’re mainly there so I can play on the Big Piano. You know, the one that’s in the film ‘Big’ with Tom Hanks? I elbow small children out of the way as I slide up and down the keys. Only kidding! (I push them out of the way with my foot).
Finish up with dinner in the Hard Rock Café – where else? I add Hard Rock New York to my T-shirt collection.

Then it’s time to catch the train back to Boston. Whew! I hope that gave you an idea of what 4 days in NYC was like. You’d need a lifetime to see it all, but we got a good taste of this crazy city. Hopefully, we’ll be back!


20 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Sounds like our trip to London in October – not a wasted moment! August can be very hot and humid in NYC so I think the rain was probably a blessing!

    • Yes, I’ve had a few manic trips sightseeing in London, too! I’m a bit of a sun worshipper so I’d have been happy to keep on cooking in the sun in NYC, lol. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  2. I love New York! The food w the shows, the excitement! Next time you come to America, come to Dayton, OH, the birthplace of aviation and the home of five cats who are dying to meet you. Plus a woman and her Accordionist husband!xxx

    • I’d love to visit you! I have so many people I’ve met online that I want to meet up with. I think I’ll have to organise a road trip visit to get round everybody next time. xx

    • Thanks Terry, I’m very flattered that everyone like my pics, as i don’t consider myself a photographer. And don’t be envious – you are an award-winning author! 😉

    • Thank you so much! Glad you liked the pics – they were just taken on an IPhone so I’m pleased they turned out so well. 🙂

  3. Fast paced just like our trip…….well done to me back to our trip…….I agree I think it could be my favourite and most busy places in the world

  4. Brings back fond memories of my trip to NYC last summer. Love that city. Walked for miles in the July heat with two hormonal teenagers…. bad mum that I am. I’ll get that peaceful stroll through central park one day. X

    • The weather was against us, so we didn’t get a stroll through Central Park either. Next time for you and me! 🙂

  5. Ah Karen, I finally came around to read your blog entries – not only this one, but also the previous ones! Loved them! And after having been to New York with you through this, I’m more determined than ever to go there myself in the – hopefully near – future! Thanks!

    • Thanks Rita. I hope you get to the States one day too – New York is mad, but there are lots more relaxing places too! I want to go back! Maybe year after next… 😉

    • Thanks! It was fun to write – remembering all the things we did. I tried to make my post as fast-paced as our visit was! 🙂

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